Now that you have decided to buy your own home, the next step is deciding whether it’s better to buy a house and lot unit package or lot only, and build your home by yourself.  

You may thinking that it’s best to get a lot only package in order to customize your home the way you want it. What a tempting idea, don’t you think? However, it may be more convenient of an investment to get a house and lot package instead. Purchasing your home from reputable developers such as CitiGlobal allows you to save time and effort in terms of managing the construction of your house while maximizing your budget.

In addition, it offers flexibility when it comes to home expansion or customization in the future since the design and layout are carefully planned to accommodate such needs. This assures you a home that offers the most value long-term.

Some of the advantages of buying a house and lot unit are as follows:

Saves you time and effort

  • Saves you time and effort. Building your home from scratch takes time, effort and knowledge in construction.  Buying a house and lot unit, on the other hand, will avoid the hassles that come with house construction from sourcing to management.  

Moreover, you have peace of mind knowing that your house is being developed by an experienced developer who will ensure quality and guaranteed quality of your property.

Provides Security for your Home

  • Provides security. There is a lot of work that gets into building a house, and every one of those require payments. You need to take into consideration the inflation rates which may affect labor, material and equipment costs. This means that your initial house budget may increase as the construction progresses. You also to remember that construction expenses are separate from the land purchase.

Meanwhile, buying a house and lot unit gives you security that regardless of inflation or other factors, you will pay exactly as what you’ve signed up for. Most developers including CitiGlobal also offers flexible payment schemes which avoids the need for you to pay the full amount upfront. Plus, you’re assured that your payment goes into the construction of your house at all times.

Sensible house design and layout of your home

  • Sensible house design and layout. Purchasing your home from a reputable developer ensures that the design and layout are tried-and-tested and built to last. Each unit are planned, designed and constructed to suit your needs now and in the future.  

We know that buying your first house can be a challenging process. This is why we at CitiGlobal makes it easier for you. Our properties are designed to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for you and family. In addition, our payment terms are flexible and affordable to suit your budget preferences.


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