Sales 101: How to successfully win your customers with your brand?

By CitiGlobal Team September 26, 2018

To call sales a challenge is an understatement, it is a constant struggle dealing with different groups of people: from competitors to prospect buyers, and even, existing customers. People tend to neglect the fact that being at sales requires you to go beyond than just simple selling. But don’t let these undermine or scare you. The job entails a lot of practice, and with these sales tips, you can easily win the hearts of your customers.



Know Your BrandKnow your brand perfectly


Every job starts by studying the fundamentals of the task, especially for sales. You can never sell something if you don’t even know what you’re selling. Master your brand, from history to smallest of details. Remember that customers use you as a medium to know more about the brand. And if you can’t deliver, customer trust will be put in place.








Selling follows the same concept of a communication process, which, in order to be effective, must result into two-way in order to be effective. Know that as a sales agent, you must never think the process leaning only to yourself. Step in the shoes of your customer and ask yourself: would my tactic or way of doing be effective if I’m the customer? In this way, you can empathize when conversing with them. It’s essential to know where they are coming from. A two-way sales process lets you identify that both of you are understanding each other.





Go inbound


Hard sell approaches to selling is a thing of the past. The emerging concept of an inbound strategy follows the concept of empathizing in the self of the customer and magnifies it. Inbound lets you feel and reflect as a possible customer. By creating a buyer’s persona, or a profile containing the demographic and psychographic profile of your target market, content creation to sales pitching will come handier, and definitely, consumer-friendly.







Nowadays, people have got more conscious of what they are buying and sellers forcing to buy from them. A simple “buy this!” commercial just don’t stick anymore. In order for you to actually sell, innovate your process. The limitations are endless, and it is impossible to not think of at least three good strategies to step up from your recent one. Don’t forget to check if what you’re doing is a thing of the past. But before you do so, an extensive research will help. Have a definitive backup to know its effectiveness from other company’s cases, so you’ll be more flexible and proactive when you’re good to go for the full blow!





Honesty is KeyHonesty is key!


Lying will get you to multiple repercussions. And with lying during the sales process, it will also lose you your credibility and potential loyalty from clients. Transparency is key to any successful transaction. White lies are inevitable in businesses, but there’s always a  way to avoid it. Never interfere great service and branding with a simple act of misinformation.





Be a friend, not a sellerBe a friend, not a seller


Perhaps one of the best way (and possibly one of the hardest) to win your customers is by befriending them. Treat them as if you are not selling. This is a crucial step in the inbound process as it gives you additional insight into their own motivations. But be sure to set the professional boundary!






Find a mentor


A mentor can come in different forms. It may be your boss, a prolific person, a co-worker, or even someone online you never met. Harness your talent in sales by applying newly learned concepts. Of course, a mentor’s guide might not be applicable to your own work in entirety. Study how you can be big on your own. Focus on your strengths, and if you think your weakness is crucial in your job, excel at that! Let a mentor guide you, not make the head start for you.




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