How to increase the value of your land property?

By CitiGlobal Team September 14, 2018

One of the most troubling problems of many landowners these days is what they can do with their own land property. Solutions can vary on the property’s scope, location, and most importantly, value. Interested buyers tend to disregard owners who price their land too high on what it could be. The overlooked remedy to this is creativity. Here are some ways to help you make your property stand out.






The term “first impression lasts” applies to a lot of things, land properties included. Buyers will likely give more attention to properties they see that are already an opportunity prior by just looking at it. Renovate your land. Plant something and include a richer soil to go with it. Even though it will eventually be deconstructed, at least you have established something for potential buyers. Let them know that this is a land of opportunity by letting one shine now.





Define the community

Having a clear grasp of the community within the radius of your land is essential. Develop an extensive demographic report on the residents nearby the property. What do they usually do? What are their characteristics? What is the culture and norm? With this, you can easily emphasize the good things about the neighborhood when you present your land to others.





Updated restrictive covenant

A restrictive covenant refers to the limitations a landowner set for those who will eventually use or purchase his property. Some landowners don’t allow their lands to be made as real estate projects or be used for other forms of businesses. To flexibly allow your property to be turned into a bigger opportunity, you must be able to respect what they want for your land. Who knows, this real estate project could lead to a bigger investment than you realize.



Where it stand now


Knowing where does it stand now

From a geographical viewpoint, you must pinpoint the conditions of the location of your property? How was the weather nowadays? Was it prone to seismic events? Is the location the center of a new commercial hub? What’s the population rate of the community? Endorsing your land to a potential partner must also guarantee that you have an in-depth knowledge of its current status, instead of other people doing it for you. With this, you’ll be able to easily identify the next bullet tip of this list.






Now that you know its current stand, the next big question is where it will stand tomorrow? The next five years? Ten? Twenty? And so on. Purchasing a land is a huge investment, and your land value can be increased when you know the eventual benefits of this property soon. Important factors to look at for its implications are the following: (1) Commercial value, (2) Presence of establishments, (3) Weather, (4) Government plans, (5) Roadworks (6) Population, (7) Tourist Rate, etc.



Joint Venture


Have a joint venture

With all things mentioned, perhaps you might arrive at a point wherein you don’t want to actually sell your land. Landowners looking for the best opportunity while not making their properties taken away from them should look into having a joint venture partnership. This partnership allows properties to become a new form of investment while not taking a cent away.


How does it work? A joint venture will enable a certain company to build their businesses to your property while not purchasing it. The best thing about it is that a share of this business’ income will be transferred to you regularly, regardless of the business’ success.


CitiGlobal Realty & Development, Inc. offers one of the best opportunities for joint venture partnerships locally. As a fast-rising real estate development company, CitiGlobal can offer the widest opportunities in a very worry-free process.



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