Find out 5 Bossing Vic Sotto’s Tips to Success

CitiGlobal’s brand ambassador Vic Sotto, shares five essential tips to success. Being at the top of his game in the entertainment industry for a long time, he has proven his credibility for mastering his field of expertise.

Staying on top is not mean feat. He wouldn’t have enjoyed a stellar stature if not for his charismatic personality and of course his good reputation. He has shown consistency in not letting fame get to his head and for keeping his feet firmly on the ground throughout his entire career. Now, we present to you Sotto’s notable tips to a long and successful career.


1. Start Your Career Early

Young people generally have the drive and energy to learn everything under the sun. Working early in life means more learnings resulting to more certainty and the assurance of a bright future ahead of them.

Sotto believes that starting early develops positive characteristics in a person. “Pag nagstart ka kasi nang maaga, you will become more mature, hardworking and determined. You learn as you make mistakes, and you gain more wisdom in the process.” CitiGlobal gives a chance to every person to grow.

It sees potential and is willing to invest in deserving individuals by teaching them everything that they
need to know.


2. Prepare Yourself to Make the Right Decision When Choosing a Career

Openness to different and creative ideas will let one discover his true self. With conscious effort in finding out his own interest, likes and vise-versa, it will be easier for him to know which path to take when the time comes that he need to make the significant decision.

Sotto agrees with getting to know oneself better and talks about how passion plays an important role in career advancement. Knowing oneself leads to a realization of his desired career, “Kung ang tingin mo sa ginagawa mo trabaho lang talaga, trabaho nang trabaho walang relaxation, iigsi ang buhay mo sa ginagawa mo, e. In other words kailangan mag-e- enjoy ka,” he said.


3. Think Outside the Box

Innovative thinking is what CitiGlobal embodies which sets it apart from other real estate firms. It is also the main reason Sotto agreed to be a part of this innovative company, “CitiGlobal provides leisure properties for hardworking Filipinos abroad. They can come home, relax and enjoy nature and unique amenities in their second home at CitiGlobal.”

“They can put their properties on lease and earn monthly when they are away from home,” he

Working for a team with brilliant minds unleashes an individual’s inner potential. It challenges them to bring out creative juices that result to a successful output like the one mentioned above. Sotto talked about working with talented and creative people that molded him to where he is now “It’s part of the learning process. Working with a lot of talented people in the industry has opened me to different perspectives and creative ideas throughout my career.”


4. Flexibility is the Key to Innovation

If someone thinks of only one solution to a certain problem, it will just give only one result. But if one tries to come up with different solutions and is willing to take the risk, he will end up finding the best solution for the problem. “We have to think hard about the best solution to the problem. What distinguishes a successful person is his willingness and ability to adapt to different situations until he gets the desired results.”


5. Passion, Drive and Determination Line the Path to Success

Sotto explained that one’s stature and educational background is never the basis for success. A person who comes from the lowest status in the society but possesses the right characteristics has the same advantage as people who have all the resources to succeed in their career. “Everyone is worthy of success. With the right attitude and mindset, you are already building your way up to be among the most successful people in the country,” Sotto said.

CitiGlobal looks for people with potential and the right attitude, and provides proper training for those who have the passion to excel, the drive and the determination to succeed, keeping them open-minded. Teaching them to become independent, confident and result-oriented, the Company provides equal chances of success and the opportunity to become leaders for those who are deserving.


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