Why Tagaytay living is becoming more important than ever?

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Top Five Ways To Maximize Your Condotel

By CitiGlobal Team October 12, 2018

There it is. The keys to your shiny brand new condotel which your agent has just dropped into the palm of your hand. Finally, after years of hard work, the payoff is within your reach. But wait, there’s more. As soon as you enter the reception and the front desk greets you, you realize that you have a...

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A Guide to Condotel Investment

By CitiGlobal Team September 28, 2018

The concept of condominium hotels is not yet widely understood by first-time property investors from the Philippines and abroad. Little do they know that it serves as a great opportunity for investors and wanna-be investors alike, catering to real-estate novices looking for a less-risky investment as it promises a guaranteed return-on-investment to unit owners.  ...

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