I grew up not having a house and lot that we could call our own. That is why I am thankful that now my husband and I have our own place and that in the future, my son will inherit.

Before we have purchased our place, there are some criteria that I have listed down. One is that it should be near the metro so that my mom can easily visit us or stay in our place if she needs to. The location of the property is one of my main priority. I was thinking that properties near the metro can easily be tagged for rent or for sale in case we need some cash if unforeseeable things will happen in the future.

Another criteria is the reputation of the Real Estate developer. I made sure that we only choose to get a property from the trusted developer that has already earned their name in the business.

I know a lot of Overseas Contract Workers or Local Workers who did not consider the reputation of the developer when they purchased their house and lot. They felt that they have wasted a lot of money for an infrastructure that is sub standard. It is really important to do some research before buying one.

Recently, I learned about CitiGlobal Realty and Development. They established themselves initially as a marketing, landholding and leasing company with vast tracks of properties before venturing into real estate development. The Company and its subsidiaries have a combined 54 years of solid track record in the real estate industry, making it one of the fastest-growing players specializing in the development and marketing of well-planned, first-class quality yet affordable housing projects catering to the Filipino families.

They offer property ownership on best locations like Tagaytay where you may choose to retire or purchase for investment purposes. As you all know, Tagaytay is best known as one of the go-to destinations for rest and relaxation.

For as low as P7,500.00 per month, you can enjoy luxurious amenities and the full benefit of your hard-earned money. You can even put your unit up for lease, allowing you to earn as much as P20,000 a month.  Isn’t that great?!

They are also looking for Philippine properties (2 to 2000 hectares of raw land) to develop into real estate projects such as:

Leisure and Resort Developments
Mixed use Resort Developments
Residential Subdivisions
Beach Resorts

Through partnership with CitiGlobal, the landowner is given options to gain revenue in two ways: through sharing in the proceeds or through sharing of units. With the 1st option, the landowner is now certain to earn from the proceeds. On the other hand, with the 2nd option, the landowner can sell a portion of their share of units and retain other units either for hotel income from our condotel or for future value appreciation. It can also be given as inheritance thus, maximizing the value of their property.


CitiGlobal is open and very flexible with potential partners, with the end in view of forging harmonious partnerships that are both beneficial and rewarding to all parties.

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Source: https://www.levyousa.com/citiglobal-is-changing-the-real-estate-game-for-the-better/

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