From marketing, landholding and leasing company that commenced years ago, Citi Global gained reputation and professional credibility amongst its investors, and clients taking the challenge to serve its nation through Philippine real estate developments.

Seeing how responsive and competitive the economy in the country, we accepted the challenge to be an efficient community and lifestyle developer. Our company braved the present industry and introduced innovative developments in unspoiled locations that promise future-readiness for Filipinos worldwide.

Since our inception, we have endeavored ourselves to deliver first-class innovative ideas and quality projects such as residential, commercial, villatel, condominium, condotel, and resort developments, amongst others, that offer affordability and reliability to meet exactly the needs of our market.


Trusted by its investors, CITI GLOBAL REALTY & DEVELOPMENT, INC. never failed its employees, investors, clients and subsidiaries thus becoming one of the fastest-growing players in the industry. It has managed a number of quality projects, carried out master-planned developments safely, and has built harmonious communities where the holistic mantra “Live-Work-Play” becomes possible.


With a combined 54 man-years of solid track record in the Philippine real estate industry, CITI GLOBAL REALTY & DEVELOPMENT, INC. is committed to deliver the best customer experience for the market we serve.


Our roadmap starts with our mission; it is our transparent declaration of our commitment to the enduring service we give to our clients and our team:

We are committed to deliver quality Philippine real estate projects through our seasoned and innovative management team, continuously trained and result-driven employees, as well as value enhancing and functional designs that provide a unique customer experience.


In every step of our plan, we move towards a better Citi Global in the future. Thus, our vision serve as our guiding rule in every actions and decisions we make as Citi Global becomes a market leader in building community enhancement.

In the next five years, Citi Global will be the preferred innovative community developer by providing first class and exclusive yet affordable income generating projects for overseas Filipinos as well as foreigners looking for their leisure (vacation) homes.

Our mission and vision statement serves not just a word but a commitment we live by every day. Through this we will be able to empower our people in delivering services that go beyond our clientele’s expectations.


At Citi Global Realty & Development Inc., we are committed to deliver the best customer experience in the markets we serve.

Our core values bring the Company to the front line of the industry as a Philippine real estate developer. With these core values we are able to define who we are and what you can expect from us. We will integrate the following core values with our daily activities:


It is our relentless drive to succeed that produces quality results, reflective of the future of the Philippine real estate industry.


We develop an entrepreneurial mindset in each individual because we believe that an entrepreneurial spirit is the gift that inspires us to succeed.


Out-of-the-box and proactive thinking is what makes Citi Global different. Being different with a purpose can better our decision-making skills.


Unafraid to face the consequences of our actions, we face our responsibilities with a good sense of reasoning, managing our responsibilities very well, each account with a high level of servicing capability and management.


We are guided by honesty, integrity and objectivity in decision-making.


The ability to move quickly and easily, delivering results in a timely manner with quality.