Passion to Create - Passion to Innovate

Here at Citi Global Realty & Development Inc., we are committed to deliver the best customer experience in the markets we serve, thus, we are guided by our core values in order to follow our mission and fulfill our vision.

Our core values bring CITI GLOBAL to the front line of the industry as a Philippine real estate developer. With these core values we are able to define who we are and what you can expect from us. We will integrate the following core values with our daily activities:

Business-People-psd1001241 PASSION TO EXCEL – It is our relentless drive to succeed that produces quality results, reflective of the future of the Philippine real estate industry.

2 LEADERSHIP – We develop an entrepreneurial mindset in each individual because we believe that an entrepreneurial spirit is the gift that inspires us to succeed.

3 INNOVATIVE THINKING – Out-of-the-box and proactive thinking is what makes Citi Global different. Being different with a purpose can better our decision-making skills.

4 ACCOUNTABILITY – Unafraid to face the consequences of our actions, we face our responsibilities with a good sense of reasoning, managing our responsibilities very well, each account with a high level of servicing capability and management.

5 TRUSTWORTHINESS – We are guided by honesty, integrity and objectivity in decision-making.