CitiGlobal Realty and Development Inc. offers a bright future for landowners who own properties such as raw lands and beachfront properties from 2 to 2,000 hectares which may be located at secluded areas in the Philippines, but are unaware of their properties’ potential and value. It also opens its doors to prime areas in Metro Manila from 400 square meters and above.

Landowners’ Status and Misconception

These raw lands or beachfront properties might have come from the sweat and blood of the owners’ ancestors to gain the title and ownership. However, these properties have no use or value for the owners or the society at the present time. The properties of having no importance are now left idle and deserted, with landowners left staring in the abyss of their properties not knowing what to do, and not having enough capital to make use of their lands.

While the properties remain stagnant for many years, owners live on with everyday activities, working hard to earn from their regular jobs as their source of income. Time passes by, and those people who live on a hand-to-mouth existence will eventually need a big amount of money to pay off certain debts, taxes, bills and the like.

At that point, the owners of these idle lands will put their properties up for sale. Yet, days, months or even years will pass but no potential buyers are interested with the vast land offering despite being offered at a cost lower than its true value, and with installment as the mode of payment. The owners who left the land idle without use then agrees with the buyer’s terms  just to get the needed cash without thinking of the land’s potential value, thus losing a great opportunity for property appreciation

CitiGlobal’s Vision

Operating through the company’s core values, CitiGlobal is committed to venture with landowners into getting the best value of their properties. CitiGlobal keeps its reputation of being a reliable, trustworthy and innovative developer. As such, these raw lands are thoroughly assessed and studied to maximize its true value.

True to CitiGlobal’s “Keep Calm & Do Nothing” campaign, the landowners are free from worries in the land development and won’t be left hanging. From day one, representatives will discuss the step by step process of partnership, and after careful study, the property and its landowner shall benefit in the long-run. Long-run meaning from the present time to the future, landowners are guaranteed to earn higher than the land’s original value because of the partnership made with CitiGlobal as developer. The established partnership greatly improves the landowner’s earning potential.

Landowners’ Partnership with CitiGlobal          

As stated above, CitiGlobal looks for properties such as raw lands and beachfront properties from 2 to 2,000 hectares, and prime areas in Metro Manila from 400 square meters and up. Through partnership, CitiGlobal as developer will develop these raw lands to become innovative master-planned communities such as condominiums, residential subdivisions, hotels, beach resorts, memorial parks or commercial and mixed-use developments. These innovative master-planned communities are developed with cutting-edge designs and unique amenities that fit our lifestyle.

For instance, a beachfront property in Batangas with an area of 50,000 sqm that costs one thousand pesos (P1000.00) per square meter can sum up to 50 million pesos as the original land cost, but upon partnership with CitiGlobal, the landowner can earn as much as ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) per square meter, earning up to 500 million pesos in the long run.

Another is a raw land in Malate with an area of 1,000 sqm costing one hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) per square meter, sums up to 100 million pesos. Observe the difference that through partnership with CitiGlobal, the landowner can earn as much as three hundred sixty-two thousand pesos (P362,000.00) per square meter, earning up to 362 million pesos over time.

CitiGlobal Cares for Landowners’ Future         

Through partnership with CitiGlobal, the landowner is given options to gain revenue in two ways: through sharing in the proceeds or through sharing of units. With the 1st option, the landowner is now certain to earn from the proceeds. On the other hand, with the 2nd option, the landowner can sell a portion of their share of units and retain other units either for hotel income from our condotel or for future value appreciation. It can also be given as inheritance thus, maximizing the value of their property.

CitiGlobal is open and very flexible with potential partners, with the end in view of forging harmonious partnerships that are both beneficial and rewarding to all parties.

Get to know CitiGlobal by visiting  Text or call us at 0917-8902989.  Like CitiGlobalPH on Facebook and follow CitiGlobalPH on Twitter and Instagram for exciting new development.

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