It doesn’t matter how excited you are to be going home / abroad or how much you love flying, long flights can get boring pretty quickly. It can be difficult filling up many hours in a confined space and get stuck in your seat on a long, boring, and monotonous plane trip. You’d think that you have done all the things you could do but the time runs slow. Staying entertained for about nine hours might seem difficult, but a long flight doesn’t have to be suffering. When you need to travel a long distance, you might as well sit back, relax and make the best of it.

CitiGlobal In-flight Quote

CitiGlobal wants to keep you entertained and lose your boredom, so we recently launched a few in-flight games for passengers from Dubai and Australia. Want to have some inspiration? Want to play some games? We made something for you so that your 9-hour flight could be more exciting. Exercise your eyes and your brain for a few minutes and participate!

CitiGlobal In-flight Games

Through these ads, you might find yourself playing for hours; thinking and trying to find the answers. And if you feel like giving up, ask your seat-mate to help you find the answers. This could also be the right time to make new friends! And when you do find the answers, take a snap, share it to the world, and let them play, too!


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