Passion to Create - Passion to Innovate

Citi Global Realty and Development Inc. has effectively proven its capability to handle numerous quality projects that reached competitive sales standing due to its first class designs and innovative concepts that make practical living a luxurious lifestyle in a privilege exclusive address to every Filipino families.

As a Philippine real estate developer, we are proud to have taken care of our sales agents, lead brokers, project coordinators, engineers, architect, and even office staffs as the whole team work and deliver as one.

It is no wonder that Citi global has lined up many upcoming projects and future plans that provide not just jobs but a true career that is rewarding and can be reliably helpful in establishing a career path.

It is an exciting world of sales when you have learned the basics, adopt our organizational culture and foster the right skills.

Below are the benefits that sales agents can experience from us:
1) High quality and easy to sell community projects that are promising to buyers and investors! These projects are located in key locations searched mostly by investors, OFWs and local Filipinos.
2) Compensation that is both competitive and rewarding.
3) Sales training that will develop your personality skills.
4) A welcoming work place community that look after your welfare and encourage you to strive for excellence.

Here at Citi Global, we value our people and that includes our front liners in the industry as a Philippine real estate developer. Trust that Citi Global can give your career a healthy start.

Be part of our growing team now! Become an Agent of Change!

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