Come the end of 2014, the whole internet world cried tears of joy when app developer Joe Riquelme paid off his parent’s mortgage and posted their reactions on Youtube and it went viral. To date, the video, titled Merry Christmas and published during the 26th, has amassed over 10 million views on the video sharing website.

Which got us thinking: for all those out there with retiring parents, why not give your parents a luxury retirement home as a gift for the lifelong hardwork? And if your plan is already in the works, make sure you get the right answers to these questions:

Will your parents like it?

Above everything else in this list, never ever take out of consideration your parents. What’re they like? What are their passions? Know the fundamental things about them and tailor fit the rest of the specifications to their wants and needs. Do they lead an active lifestyle? You might want to get a retirement place with a lot of space. Sedentary? How about a home of top-notch comfort. A true-blue provinciano? You might want to rethink that city-based housing you were planning to get. Remember: it’s their retirement life, not yours.

How’s the weather?

This is very important. As we grow older, our immune system weakens and becomes susceptible to infection to the point that even basic illnesses can prove fatal. The problem worsens. According to a journal entry by Columbia University, consequent weather extremes may lead to proliferation of some diseases. Plus, the constant exposures to weather extremes may not be good for the joints. Consider a temperate area whose weather conditions remain more or less constant the whole year long.

Is the community friendly?

Mind you that there are community places who have strict regulations against pets, smoking, or  outdoor grilling which might clash into your parents’ passions. Be one step ahead and research on these types of policies and guidelines.

Can I trust the management with my parents?

While you’re at it, why not go the extra mile and read ahead about the company history, property portfolio, and business management? It’s your parents you’re entrusting them afterall. A simple Google search and an adequate review of theirobjectives will give you an ideaof the company objectives.

Where’s the nearest town?

Consider the distance of the village from the town center. Is it of considerable walking distance? If not, is there a shuttle service available? Are there any commute services nearby, at all? More important, are these scheduled trips?

Will this meet the present and foreseeable needs of my parents?

It’s important to stay one if not several steps ahead if you want the best for your folks. Develop an insight to their needs – present and future. In the long run, a modest bungalow maybe a better choice than a large five-storey townhouse – considering your family history of acute and imminent arthritis.

Would they be able to stay active?

While some villages are strict with rules, some are generous with perks.  Availing certain services will give you free classes or programs to occupy your parents’ time. Remember that it’s important to keep active when you’re old. Villages and neigborhoods with these kinds of projects are a nice choice because they shows their concern over the well-being of their residents. Such as the case of rising real esttate and land development company, CitiGlobal, whose latest projects, Clifton Resort Suites and Fontaine Villas in Tagaytay feature an activity and recreational center for its residents.

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