Graduates nowadays face stiff competition as they look for a job that opens the right path to stability, regularization, growth and opportunities that can lead to one’s success. However, because of the high standards set by companies, a lot of individuals, including undergraduates are trapped in a box restricting them from unleashing their inner potential to become the best that they can be.

The society has placed them in this box which sets them apart from those who are already building their way up. Therefore, undergraduates who have the potential, and possess  good attitude as well as working habits are outrightly denied the opportunity to shine due to lack of educational degree. They are forced to look for part-time jobs aside from their regular jobs for extra income to meet their daily needs and their minimum wage comes with little chances of yearly appraisal and salary increase.

CitiGlobal Realty and Development, Inc. on the other hand, thinks outside of the box. Its innovative mindset opens doors of opportunities to anyone with passion to excel, the drive and the determination which pushes an individual to work hard and keep an open mind.

What makes you become a well-driven person?

From all point of view, the word failure with its negative connotation can be a devastating word to anyone. On the other hand, it can also be a tool for an individual to work and strive harder which makes him successful in his respective field. It all depends on one’s mindset.

According to, stories of famous personas are the proof of such, Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first television job but eventually became the “queen of television talk shows;” Albert Einstein’s difficulties in communicating and behavioral problems did not stop him to win the Nobel Prize in Physics; and even a financially unstable, plain, single mother, J.K Rowling, became the first billionaire author for the series “Harry Potter.” Furthermore, sample of college dropouts who became successful are Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Larry Ellison of Oracle Corporation who is “The Fifth Richest Man in the World” and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

CitiGlobal also shares their own stories wherein the company’s people who started from humble beginnings give way to their proud and solid achievements. They have experienced struggles coming from different backgrounds, but these same struggles have led them to a single path of success.

Before ako pumasok sa CitiGlobal, yung mga experience sa work is related naman sa sales pero hindi sya katulad nitong real estate na malaki ang pinag-uusapang pera. Yung una talaga is medyo kinakabahan ako kasi high school [graduate] lang ako. – Carlo F.


Nahihirapan ako as a service crew kasi halimbawa night shift ako, tapos tomorrow day shift tapos hindi na ako nakakapag-review, halimbawa exam namin ng araw na ‘yon. Minsan may failed ako subject pero sa examination na pe-perfect ko naman siya. –Adrian M.


Kasi yung struggles ko kasi dito since no experience, undergraduate at the same time, 21 years old pa lang ako so parang iniisip ng ibang Company na inaplayan ko na wala pa akong kakayanan. –Neil E.


Kasi nung college days ko, alam kasi ng mga tao na scholar ako, I’ve always done my best sa school, nung nalaman nila na hindi ako agad natatangap sa work, nawala yung tiwala nila sa akin, even my family, dumating sa point na nawala na tiwala ng father ko, na sabi niya sakin, wala na akong tiwala sayo, kung talagang magaling ka, madiskarte ka, mabilis ka magkaka-work. –Jessica L.

Hard Work turns into Achievements

CitiGlobal believes that one’s lack of education or work experience should not be a hindrance to equal opportunities to be hired and excel as long as he possesses the qualities mentioned above: the passion to excel, the drive and the determination, keeping him open minded. CitiGlobal has the capacity to see the potential, regardless of one’s status, and of where he came from. Openness, willingness to take the challenge and going the extra mile are what makes a person passionate in everything he does.

CitiGlobal looks for people with potential and the right attitude, and provides proper training for those who are driven. Teaching them to become independent, confident and result-oriented. The Company provides equal chances of success and the opportunity to become leaders for those who are deserving. Because CitiGlobal saw the potential, these people have now achieved more than what they thought they could have.

In one month, I closed a 7.4 million project, nagawa ko yun dahil na rin sa proper training and sa mga nag-aadvise sakin at nagmo-motivate  Nung una talaga may tanong talaga sa sarili ko kung kaya ko ba ‘to kasi ang laki ng pinag-uusapan based dun sa dati ko naging trabaho.  Pero dahil na rin dun sa mismong sa management, binago nila kasi yung mindset ko na ‘di porket high school (graduate) ka lang, yung mindset mo kasing taas ng great leaders natin. –Carlos F.


Maganda yung working (environment) kasi mas nas-sabak kasi at nagagamit ko yung mga natutunan ko sa pag-aaral. Nakapag-close ako ng deal within a week, masaya ako nakapag close ako, saka isa pa na-overcome ko yung takot ko na hindi ako makakapag-close ng deal, so by gaining self-confidence, siyempre mas matutugunan ko yung pangangailangan ko na kailangan maclose ang deal, gusto ko maging top one sa sales. –Adrian M.


Pero nung nag-apply ako dito, ayun nagtiwala sila, yung mga doubts ko sa sarili ko tinangal nila, yung mga struggles ko na low self-esteem, yung wala akong confidence sa sarili ko, natangal ng CitiGlobal sa akin. Na-enhance nila yung kung paano makipag-communicate sa kapwa ko. ‘Yong nakita sa akin ng CitiGlobal sa akin na tahimik lang daw ako pero iyon pala may reservation na pala. Dun ko lang naisip na ma-enhance yung innovative thinking, yung strategies na kailangan ko pang gawin.–Neil E.


Actually, ang CitiGlobal, hindi lang siya para lang masasabi lang may tarbaho ka eh, career talaga. Ito yung company na sila yung una nag-tiwala sa akin. Dito lang sa CitiGlobal, sila lang ang nag dig deeper, sila ang nakakita kung sino talaga ako, kung ano ang potential na maiilalabas ko. Ang first na close ko na deal is 12.8 million project. –Jessica L.

Marketing Partners can earn from P50,000 to P1M per month depending on the employee’s working habits and attitude, drive, determination and passion. They are given the opportunity to close multiple deals and earn much more than what a regular employee cumulatively earns for months, or even years.

Your Future at CitiGlobal

As professional Marketing Partners, CitiGlobal provides unlimited opportunities for growth. They can visualize their future goals because of CitiGlobal’s vision. These people’s success has opened their mind to more opportunities and has given them a different perspective in creating their own goals because of the foundation built by CitiGlobal.

Yung career growth, hndi kasi sila tumitingin sa educational background or sa experience mo, nagba-base ang management ng CitiGlobal sa ability or talent ng isang employee. In the next five years, kung may vision and mission yung CitiGlobal, siyempre meron din ako para sa akin. So, gusto ko makita sarili ko na siyempre ako na rin ng ha-handle ng sariling kong tao, ako na rin ng bibigay sa kanila ng mga ideas at ako na rin ang nagmo-motivate sa kanila. Which is na kahit three months pa lang ako sa CitiGlobal, nade-develop na rin yung sarili ko sa leadership. Yung mindset ko is ano na, kahit bago pa lang nandun na eh. –Carlos F.


I believe in God na maiibigay niya sa akin ito ng, sa tamang daan. My goal in the near future is, I will strive harder, I will work as a teammate and also I will gain more self-confidence in selling properties, units and also condominiums and so on and so forth. –Adrian M.


Sa CitiGlobal ko makukuha iyon, dito ko nakita yung growth eh. May growth ka talaga dito, may path kang tatahakin talaga. Kaya yung future goal ko dito is umangat yung position ko dito, maging number one ako, though madaming challenges. May mga kasama ako na magagaling talaga pero healthy competition naman siya, so maging successful hndi lang bilang marketing partner, marketing coach, shareholder ng company. Success naman hindi naman natatapos iyon so gusto ko mapagpatuloy na maging successful. –Neil E.


I want to become one of the leaders dito sa company and gust ko rin maging stock holder someday. Dito ko nakita ang long term sa CitiGlobal na hindi ko nakita sa ibang companies. And yung dito din lumabas yung mga potentials ko na sila ang nakakita. So kung sino ang unang company makakita ng potentials ngayon sa isang employee kahit, hindi pa niya talaga nilalabas pero siya ang unang nakakita. –Jessica L.

CitiGlobal does not restrict its people to earn more as they grow and become leaders in the near future. Because of CitiGlobal’s vision, they see the opportunity to be promoted several notches higher than their original position. The company’s efforts are geared towards the long-term fulfillment of its vision for the Company, its people and its clients. As the Company grows, the people grow with the Company as well.

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