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Why Tagaytay living is becoming more important than ever?

By CitiGlobal Team November 8, 2018

Next to Baguio, Tagaytay is being labeled as the second summer capital in the Philippines. No, it does not have any beaches or hot spots the season has been mostly accustomed to. It caters what a lot of places in the country cannot offer: cool temperature and an ultimately relaxing environment.   There is a...

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Mentors: Where to find them?

By CitiGlobal Team October 31, 2018

Mentors are not only important, but they are also essential to each person. They are driving force for one’s change, for his/ her career or personal success, or even the guide for nurturance.   As beneficial as they seem, a lot of people are curious where they can find them. In fact, they are not...

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