Why joint venture is better than selling your property?

By CitiGlobal Team October 10, 2018

Perhaps the riskiest decision a landowner can commit for his/ her own property is to have it for a joint venture partnership. A lot of companies in the Philippines conduct it without the assurance of having this agreement to have a financially strong outcome.


This is one of the huge reasons why selling land is a popular decision. We have become so accustomed of quick ways to earn that we forgot to realize that there are better for the long-term. Selling your land now at 7 digits? Who knows, that property of yours will be 2 or 3 digits more in the next ten to twenty years.


Of course, a joint venture partnership in the Philippines is the best option for you. Why? Because of one major reason: the Build-Build-Build program. Infrastructures are set to be constructed everywhere. Roads will be more accessible. And the land property of yours will most likely pull a big drive from thousands of people soon.


But there are more reasons why joint ventures are better than selling your property:



Joint Venture land opportunities


More opportunities


Selling your land is like selling your own business. Once you realized that your “X Store” is no longer financially capable, you suddenly give up on it. You will not notice that you are also giving up for the many opportunities it can produce. The same thing with your land. As raw as it looks like, there will be thousands of people who see it like a million or a billion or perhaps a trillion peso opportunity. Be optimistic and wait for the right time rather than give it up to others. The chance of a lifetime to become big might change on a small amount of money.




Joint venture network




Partnering up your land with a company can expand your network. For joint ventures, you will be participating with years of commitment and interaction with a private or public pool of people that want the best out of you and your property.


Through this, your network will expand on not just with your peers, but those who might give you more unexpected partnerships in the future.



Joint venture pioneer


A pioneer


The geographical landscape of your land might not be in demand today, but with recent trends of urbanization in rural areas, that property of yours could be one in the future. A lot of companies have extensive researches and data on why they want to build a structure in your land, you could probably be one of the pioneers in a soon-to-be booming place of commercial supplies and attractions. More rewards will seep through in no less time.




Assurance in joint venture


Assurance for some companies


Assurance is important, especially for an agreement such as joint ventures. CitiGlobal is providing maximum assurance for their partners. For land partnerships, you will be expecting a lot more outside your compensation. You will be seeing the transformation of your property, very bland-looking, into a million to billion pesos opportunity. Constructions of CitiGlobal’s projects are insured and mandatory to finish on-time.


As a CitiGlobal land partner, you will not be working with a very strict set of people, but a team who will treat you as a valuable member of the family. Landowners, agents, and brokers are welcome to join the team!


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